Jesus Gonzalez Gutierrez

The First Food Proposal Project is to create ecological murals, done with the mexican prehispanic fresco technique. 

Fresco is an ecological tecnique, because we only use natural materials to creat it: water, aged lime, clean sand and mineral pigments.

Mexican traditional prehispanic tools to work on the murals will be used: obsidiane stones, cactus thorns (maguey), brushes.

The idea of the Project is to create several preparative drawings of the process of the milk
industry, from feudal times till now; the history and the process of beekeeping and the agriculture system of the wheat, from ancient times till now in the United Kingdom. These drawings will be the previous idea for the murals.

Three different frescoes, depicting:
1- The history of milk industry,

2- Beekeeping
3- The wheat agriculture system 

Jesus also initiated the Biblioteca del Mar building project, working with artists and the community of San Agustin on the coast of Oaxaca. The intent s to build a library and art space for the community where children, who don't always have the opportunity to go to school, can learn. It is also open to Mexican and  international artists to work, teach and participate in the build whilst 'in residence.'

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