Israel de la Paz

For a culture there must exist the so-called "daily bread"

The primary food is the basis of everything that happens in a population, through this we can understand the past and present of a place and its people.

During the residency I intend to conceive an iconography that somehow describe from my point of view that milk, wheat and honey are basic elements in food in the UK, and therefore represent part of their culture.

With this concentration of graphic data and its relationship with the main idea of this work. I can begin the execution of works conceived in the workspace, personally approach it as an in situ laboratory for graphics as a means of exploring life and realize the time it takes.
Using a printing method based on combining techniques and procedures primarily printed on paper.

These graphical techniques ranging from traditional as linocut, woodcut and transgrafía (should have a printing press or press prints) and on the other hand there is the intention to use a set of techniques without stamping press materials and resources diverse as rubber stamps, styrofoam, plant leaves, stencil and all kinds of "printable" material found in the places visited during the visits. 

Through the First Food Residency, Israel will be interning Vanessa Arbuthnott, a famous textile artist in the UK. Vanessa is also hosting the artists from the residency at her artists space in Cirencester.

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